December 17, 2012


Courtesy of Plastic Sound Supply Records download our first single for FRee.
Written and perfomred by Eli Mishkin and Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens as LONG E, short e. 
More singles coming in 2013.  Check out our new PSS site too... HERE

TRACK reviews...

"The result is a truly otherworldly soundtrack for a fugue state journey. As abstract as that may sound, there is still something organic going on. The melodies are beautiful and the synth sounds complimentary. It’s a pleasure to listen to, and we look forward to hearing more." 12/17/12

Thanks REVERB and The Denver Post for your support of our new project.

 "...a sweltering hard driving track that does an exceptional job of exploiting Mishkin’s baritone vocals that sound as if the dark recording was done in a cold basement. According to their site, the duo promise more singles in 2013. Let’s make a live show happen soon, guys." 12/18/12

Thanks Julio.

December 13, 2012

a History

:::a HISTORY:::

Eli Mishkin (Hot IQs) and Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens (morriconez, wentworth kersey, george&caplin)  collaborate on a remix project that never leaves the confines of two 1.44mb floppy discs. 

Bend forward in time...
Through a pitch bent tape cassette deck, they play guitars, all manner of analog synths, bass, and sundry field recordings over tequila and sunrises. The music has mistakes. It is unmistakably music. Music that has no agenda except to be captured and shared.
Fast forward to now (or a desert harvest moon version of now) where Eli Mishkin and Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens unite as LONG E, short e.

November 21, 2012

The first single by LONG E, short e will be released December 18th thanks to the kind folks at Plastic Sound Supply.
In case you don't know us, we are Eli Mishkin (the Hot IQs) and Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens (george&caplin, wentworth kersey, morriconez).  Nice to meet you.